Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bully…✎…Penelope Douglas

  Hi again, 
  So this is going to be my first book review, and this one is about "Bully", which I finished to read today.

  "Bully", by Penelope Douglas, is the first book of the "Fall Away"series. It tells about a relationship between teenagers, mostly about Tate's and Jared's, who are, as I think you have guessed already, are the main characters. Events, most of the time take part at high school. Book shows us how 3 weeks can change everything between best friends, by turning one of them, Jared into a bully, and the second one, Tatum, whom he never called by her nick(Tate), into his prey, who, after hides from him, praying for her leaving time to come as soon as possible. Tate leaves for one year to study abroad, it'd be better said runs away, after coming back, she hopes, to be left alone, but what she finds out, is, that she kept false hopes, but on the other hand, even though he and his attitude haven't changed, SHE has changed, this fact takes aback not only the whole school, but HER.

  I liked this book, I finished it within a day (actually night), without sleeping, from the beginning it captured me and didn't let go (mostly), and that was, because author created unique and at the same time too natural characters, K.C, the best friend of Tate, was a bright, happy character and a friend, who everyone wants to have in real life, also Maloc, the best friend of Jared, whom I believe will hate half of the readers, but from the first appearance, even though he was a jerk, I loved him, he was funny, playful and yup, an asshole, but a good friend, who will keep your back, even when you make him fall. All the other characters felt real, too, but my favs were the best friends. To be honest, yeah, maybe we know/guess how the book will end, but events mostly are surprising, but there are times that you guess what comes next.
  I loved characters' interactions, they were written so good, but I can't deny that when you read, there will be times, when you will wish to stop her/him, because that parts is too standard, is too expected and yeah, sometimes boring. But there was one scene that took my breath, Tate's monologue, I won't do spoilers and all, but that part was amazing, which teaches and proves, that words can and mostly ARE sharper than "knife". This book is full of life lessons and phrases, that we need to know, and that make us a better person, and teaches how to think before to act.
  I can't say that it made me cry, no, and not laugh, but smile, for sure, and made to feel like there were butterflies in stomach, its grip on me was too strong, and till the end it didn't let go of me.

  But as it says, nothing is perfect, right?
  I liked this book, I liked it, but there were also dislikes, not too much, only one or two?
Mature content: I'm not against it, believe me I'm not, but sometimes it's just too unnatural and feels like it was written just to fill some pages, I'd call it AWKWARD (for the reader, not a good timing, or place in the book), and while reading this book, sometimes I felt like that, but it didn't make me drop this book, and take another one, and I think that most of you may even like it, but for me it was so.. so.
  The ending was expected, as in majority books, but it was interesting in its own way.

  So, I will say that it was a good experience, another high-school romance, interesting, catchy, surprising and easy and fast going. Readers, who are interested in or are in love with the romance, young adult, school romance, contemporary, etc. genres, will enjoy it, like me. Because as I said, even though it will make you think, "Yeah, it's another bad boy good girl hate each other book", but it has a different feeling, so try it.

  I rated it 4 out of 5, because it's interesting and I liked it, but there were things that I wanted to be changed or removed, but just a little, as little, let I even thought about giving full five stars, but after comparing with the books that I gave five, I said no, it deserves four.

  So, I hope it was OK for the first time, if there is something in the way that I wrote this review, that you didn't like, please let me know, because it'll help me in the future. 
 Have a nice time reading this book!!! And I'll start the next one,
 See you again.

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩ - 4/5

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