Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sorry For Not Posting Reviews...

 I haven't been posting here because I was busy with my graduation, but I always found time to read because. Unfortunately I don't have a good memory that's why I'll just post the cover's of the books and the ratings given by me... Sorry again I'll try my best to post here, again... <3

 So my last review was about "Wild Cards" by Simone Ekeles, so I'll post the books that I read after that from my Goodreads' "Read" shelf!!!

 Also I'd like to brag a little and say, that even in this busy year I found time and read so many books, that I broke my "Year 2014" challenge by reading 49 books instead of 20, during January-July, and I'm going to read more, of course.

 Well. let's start...

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