Monday, June 6, 2016

Chloe (Made Men #3)…✎…Sarah Brianne

Chloe by Sarah Brianne
My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

“When you’re sitting in California, and I’m missing you, I’ll regret that I didn’t get to dance with you once.”

First of all this book was amazing as always. I confess that at the beginning it was kind of a drag, cause there were no boys, duh, but later it just got so good.

I commented everywhere, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, even here on Goodreads, that I'm always shipping her with Lucca- #TeamLucca, and I thought I'm going to be disappointed about this whole thing, cause we all got the hints that in this book she is going to choose Amo, but guess what? I am happy that she did, in this book I mean. Because I can see when this whole thing going, and I'm really excited about this journey and can't wait to see the blurb of the next book in the series, cause the next one I'm 10000000% sure is whole about her and Lucca...

“It’s the last one, and I want my own dance to remember when you’re at Stanford.” He came in closer to her.

The whole Amo situation was so cute and sweet, that I was shipping them, I repeat for this period. I mean he was just perfect, I loved Amo even before, but I'm just a Lucca person lol
But Amo did not disappoint me at all, actually as I said he made me understand the reason why it was him this time and accept it without any complaints, he just deserves the best, and I hope he gets it, because he was and is so good, even before, when I was cheering for Lucca, I was like "but Amo though... I don't want him to be alone and heartbroken"...

But let me confess, during the whole book Lucca kept me on my toes, I was starting to think he was the one who did this to her, and I'm glad that I was wrong, but sometimes I was like "please don't let it to be him, please"...

Ok, loved it, and I want more RIGHT NOW!!! Lol
Looking forward to see how whole situation comes around... This is going to be exciting!!!

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