Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Being Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #1)…✎…Kelly Oram

Being Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

LOVED IT!!! After reading lots of desperate and boring and repetitive books this was gift from the Gods!!! I mean it!

First of all the characters! I loved both of them, I loved that he was cocky and he loved the attention and he did not hide it, and he lived in it, but I loved that he was a human being. She, was something else, yeah she thought highly about Ryan...

This guy was on a whole different playing field than like 99.99 percent of all humans cursed with Y chromosomes.

...and after going through that much, still being herself, but hiding it, wanting something but doing everything, sacrificing her wishes and needs for the sake of the strangers, that ignored her, made fun of her, laughed at her, called her a freak, she deserved him and so much more. Jamie was a strong kick-ass character, she had a swag which was amazing, while I loved Ryan, and yeah he was hot and all, she stole my attention the most, which does not happen a lot with a guy like that in a perimeter.

Another thing about him, that he never gave up on anything, he took the risks all the time!
I mean the beginning, I am glad author came up with something like that, since it really hooked me from the first second, and Ryan as well...

“But you’re a mystery to me. I like mysteries.”

And he went after what he wanted. I love it. I love when boys chase girls, since we deserve it, but not in a creepy way. I loved how he broke down her walls. Of course she fought him, again putting everything before and above her wishes...

I knew I’d made the right decision. It just didn’t feel like it.

But he fought....

“But it’s really frustrating that the one girl in school who doesn’t need to fight for me won’t even get in the ring.”

And he did it well!!!

The other thing that I loved about Ryan was that he did not hide her, he was not ashamed of liking the "freak". He stood up for her, sometimes she misunderstood him yes, but he did. However, I also liked that he did not go easy on her when she and his friends did not meet on a point. He judged fairly, which was admiring. And that is how he affected her, so she was like "I like this boy, and I am happy, and I have to sacrifice my cage in order to be happy, and have a social life".

It was true that I couldn’t be both the ice queen and Jamie. I had to choose. Right here. Right now.

This was a sacrifice that I approved of!

Another thing about it was that author never let you get bored, she made you guessing all the time, not only about the plot itself and events, but about as simple things as "can this character be good?" or "is there chance for them to work things out for him?". I mean the real life things... And I really liked Becky, she was a female version of Ryan. Can I be honest, she was much more then ANY character in this book, Jamie included. And I really ship her with Scott, they never actually dated or even talked, but I do not know why, I think they'd be amazing together. I guessed all the things and characters that happened here, her and Jamie's similar experience included. But hers broke my heart. She was the strongest character her, she held her head up after what happened and I was so awed by it!

The power inside of me was a part of me. It worked with me, not against me. It really was at my command, and now that I understood that, I had no more cause to fear it. It was the being afraid of the power in the first place that was hurting me.

Overall, everyone needs to read this book! It was AMAZING!!!

“Is it my turn to say I’m sorry yet?”
That confused me. “What do you have to be sorry for?”
Ryan grinned. And not at all apologetically. “I’m sorry for making you fall in love with me.”

I went mushy mushy here!! LOL

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