Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mindspeak (Mindspeak #1)…✎…Heather Sunseri

Mindspeak by Heather Sunseri

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩ ✩

“There are no other girls. Only you.”

I am so disappointed with this one!
So basically this book sis about a special kids, who are going to become doctors.
And I am SOOOOO glad that she will not become one, hopefully, since she is so stupid for real.
Never head read about stupid character like this, annoying have, but stupid no!

“Disappointed is nowhere on the list of emotions I’ve felt since I met you.

When Jack said this I was like, really? I felt only that since I met her!!!
The whole idea was amazing, but never answering the questions and hiding EVERYTHING was not mystery it was just a weak attempt of it, since author crossed the line.
She pushed him away so hard, even when he proved to be on her side. At the beginning I got it, but at the end....

“I meant what I said. I won’t let you fall.”

Well she did buddy, and you caught her!!! I mean her falling for him understandable, him falling for her...not so! Ok but the whole concept of being destined to be together was interesting, and how their abilities completed each other!! And I also liked that between the dads hers was not the main character, yes journals were his, he has hid them, but Jack's was the lover of the freak, and that is why they completed each other. It must be awful to find out what you really are.

He held tighter, looking deep into my core. “I’m in love with you, Lexi. And I will do anything to protect you from the absurd cards we’ve been dealt.”
This time I pulled my hand away and stood. I walked toward the fireplace and stared straight into the burning flames. I guess I can’t possibly hide what I feel from you, can I?
Jack’s arms circled me and drew my back against his chest. I know you love me. But, man, you’ve done a pretty amazing job of fighting it.
I chuckled, a little from embarrassment. “I’m sorry. These feelings are new to me. And I’m so scared.”
Say it now.
“I love you, Jack,”
I whispered, my voice hoarse.

The only right thing that you did, not sure for him though...

“You’re always there to catch me,”

And you are always there to push him!!!

You’re home.
Wherever I am, you’re home.

I got all the villains right.. And at the end when Jason stood in from of her smoking knowing that it one of the 7 of them... Denseeee.... I mean for real, for a smart girl(as it was mentioned) she was STUPIIIIID!!!! the stupidest!!! When smoking was mentioned she should have known it was him, I did after all. Since she did not meet anyone with cigarets except Jason.... So yeah good luck Jack with trying to give her some brains to think

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