Thursday, August 11, 2016

More Than Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #2) …✎…Kelly Oram

More Than Jamie Baker by Kelly Oram

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩

“If I could help the Ice Queen solve her problems, then I can certainly help Jamie Baker.”

I don't know why I stayed away from this series, how did I manage to? It's pure sweet milk-chocolate that you devour in seconds and then only think about consequences lol

“Jamie.” Ryan’s voice was suddenly low and steady. He sat up so that he could look straight into my eyes. “How many times do I have to tell you, you are my life. College, playing football, my friends, my future…I’ll gladly give it all up. I don’t even have to think about it because none of it would matter if I didn’t have you.”

This book made me frustrated, really annoyed, I hated Teddy from the beginning. And I loved Mike from the very beginning. Does this make you a bad person? Maybe, but I know how to forgive and he definitely deserved it... While Teddy for causing so much trouble certainly needs to be fried!!!

“You’ll come back to me,” he whispered.
“You will,” Ryan insisted. “And if you take too long I will come looking for you. I’m not letting you go forever, Jamie. I am not saying good-bye.”

How much I cried for them inside....

“Love you, Sunshine.”

I mean it's fucking RYAN MILLER, when he says something he does it, he means it, and you can't just replace him, you hear me Teddy, she is going to kill you, after Ryan kicks your ass to the moon and back!!!!

Some things were worth the risk. The love Ryan and I shared was worth the danger.

I am 100% jealous of this relationship, yeah it might be a cliche romance, but Ryan Miller is definitely not a cliche, what I love about the series, that she didn't even hesitate for minute, since she knew, that Ryan Miller, might be a human, but he is not an average one!! He is so much more than superhuman, especially that bastard Teddy...

I also knew that I was not leaving without him. Ryan was mine as much as I was his, and I was taking him back.

The surprise-surprise here actually surprised me lol
Isn't it too soon??? But I mean wth, they were definitely going to end up together, like Ryan said, and he is right, always.

He planned on never letting go of me again, and I planned on letting him hang on.

I just love this couple, their connection, their understanding. I have to admit, Jamie made me want to punch her to the universe sometimes, since Ryan told him so many times don't trust Teddy!!!
Moreover, after Teddy's attempts to break them apart so many times, and kind of like insulting Ryan how can she still sit and laugh with him is above my understanding.

“You are my sunshine.”

The best pentane ever!!!

“Be careful, Jamie.”
I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him good-bye. “I always am. Love you, fiancé.”
Ryan beamed at the title. “Love you, too, Sunshine. Hurry back.”

Yeah, newly engaged, and less than 24-hour broken apart by the idiot and amnesia, GREAT. NOT!!!

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