Monday, December 12, 2016

Giovanni (Filthy Marcellos #2)…✎…Bethany-Kris

Giovanni by Bethany-Kris

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✩ ✩ ✩

“Because if I believe I have the right to take away a man’s life, then I should give him the respect of watching it as it goes.”

I don't know what I didn't like more, the fact that Giovanni, was not the Giovanny that we saw in the previous two books, and that he was molded into something average, while he wasn't and he was presented uniquely in the other books, or that cultural values were ignored all over again.

“I love you and you don’t even care, Tesoro. About me, you don’t. I keep thinking it’s there for us, and it’s been the only damn thing keeping me here, but you don’t care a bit.”
“Loving you is going to kill me, Gio.”

Females, especially Bosses' daughters, know everything, even the Omertà, so Kim being one of the Bosses' daughter, and not knowing much about it was a BS. Same what is up with girls and living in the dorms. I don't believe they are allowed to have so much freedom actually.

“I do want us,” Kim whispered against his cheek.
“I’m going to give you us,” he promised.”

It was hard to believe that she came from Mafia, and that she was going to become one of the Don's daughter-in-law. I didn't like her throwing herself at him, having sex and saying this was a mistake bye. I can't count how many times she said it.

“See, we’re Marcellos, Kim. We’re not dirty, we’re downright filthy.”

Antony of course didn't disappoint. I was happy to see the Marcellos at the end, especially Dante. He was so vulnerable, it made me sad kind of. However, I still didn't get into it, which was unexpected cause I was waiting for Giovanni's the most, it should have been the most exciting not the most disappointing.

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