Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wild Ride (Wind Dragons MC #4.5)…✎…Chantal Fernando

Wild Ride by Chantal Fernando

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩

“You’re the only woman on the back of my bike, the only woman in my bed, the only woman in my fuckin’ head. . . . Tia, what do you think an old lady is? You’re already my old lady.”

First of all, I have to say I don't like the cover. While abs are nice, the man has black hair, at least it should have been photoshopped, since it's another guy on Talon's book, basically.

Well, unlike the previous book, I enjoyed this one, cause we got the Talon that we knew, fun, easygoing, flirty, he was no changed and made to something knew like Rake. He was the same as he was presented before.

I liked this book, the fact that it was shorter was a bonus. Since when erotica is long it gets annoying.
I liked Tia, I liked them together, I liked how he fought against the attraction, and she fought for the attraction.

Overall, I really enjoyed it.

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