Monday, June 6, 2016

Black Crow (Raven #2)…✎…J.L. Weil

Black Crow by J.L. Weil

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✩ ✩ ✩

First of all I'm so disappointed, I was expecting so much more than this. After the first book the expectations were really high, because the story line and characters were as well, but in this one, it seems like author was trying her best to make Zane the manliest and the strongest character of this story, and while I understand her motives, it did not work out, because Weil negated all the other characters, Piper included, while she was the main character of this story, she made her so small, and weak, nothing was left of the girl that we saw in the first book. She became really pathetic...
I did not understand why all the fight scenes involved only Zane? During the Estelle's fight she screamed, and when Zoe and Zach was next to her, in the club, they reached her at the same time as the others who were not in the perimeter. There was just so much spotlight on Zane, that even though the book was named after him, it was just overdone.
That on mind, lets talk about Zander. I think we all will agree that it was obvious that he is going to be killed, why? The reason is, that Zane was supposed ti be made the heir of the death, Zander was an obstacle that needed to be removed, the other reason was that, he didn't have anyone except his family in this world, so nothing to keep him alive, he did not have a love interest, and lets accept that he was not going to be the third wheel. So, he was killed for Zane, again. I loved Zander, but I understand it, however I'm still sad, I really would love him to be with Aspyn...
I am glad that predicted that we will see Parker, and that he and Zoe will click, I also new that her father is going to end up dead, I hope she will take care of TJ.
Still I'm so disappointed that Piper turned out to be this weakling in this book. All the time calling for Zane, and not fighting her fights, and she was nagging and crying all the time, while it was cute before by the time and frequency it became annoying.
And I think that author should work on the fighting scenes. If she wants to write a great fighting scene involved with a bunch of reapers, she should mention their actions as well more than once, not just mention and forget, just in order to write their names. I think at least the main 5 characters deserve that little attention.

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