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Sparrow…✎…L.J. Shen

Sparrow by L.J. Shen

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩

“Dear future wife…” He smirked in a way that made me want to beg for mercy. “If you think you’re going to give me trouble, think again. I invented trouble. I stir it, I mix it, I fucking fix it. Don’t try my patience, because you’ll discover I have absolutely none.”
The sparrow is associated with freedom. At one time, sailors got a tattoo of a sparrow for every five thousand nautical miles they traveled. Sparrows were believed to bring good luck. Sometimes the sailor got his sparrow tattoo even before leaving the docks, hoping it would act as a talisman and help bring him safely home again.

I loved it! I really did! It belongs to my favourite theme - arranged marriage in the mafia.
However this was not really mafia, which confused me for a second. We all know that you can't get out of the mob, only by death, so yeah, I was surprised how he managed to do it, when he was the BOSS's son itself, not just a soldier or just son of some high ranked made man.

“Mr. Brennan’s here to see you,” she announced in her syrupy-sweet, insincere voice.
“It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding,” I gritted out, clenching my fists together and allowing the monstrous ring to dig into my flesh. The pain was a welcome distraction.
“Trust me, it’s even worse luck to piss off your future husband.” I heard his iron-cold tenor cutting through the air outside the door.

This book actually reminded me a lot of the Bound by Honor (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #1) by Cora Reilly, which is the only series - Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, which is about arranged marriages in the mafia, again. The Fixer reminded me of Luca, and Sparrow of Aria, but while aria was rich but humble, Sparrow was poor and full of comebacks. But still, the whole situation and how they demand their husbands to be loyal, and how their husbands don't force them to consummate their marriage in their first night, was similar. However that did not ruin anything for me, I would dare to say I loved it more because of him, since Cora went missing and left the series unfinished, and I needed something like this ASAP!!!

I realized that I had no cards to play. And even if I had cards, he owned the freaking table. I was completely trapped, a caged bird with clipped wings.

They chemistry was obvious since the first second. But there was a moment, when I was like "Stop, this was supposed to be an arranged marriage, and she can't cheat on him, she has to fall for him". And luckily she did, but I was almost crying when Brock appeared, since I finally got my arranged marriage and mafia mix.

“Someday, I’m going to get us kicked out of this place, when you scream my name so loud in this bedroom that everyone can hear.”
I frowned at him. “I doubt anyone would kick you out of the building, considering your reputation.”

I remember Luca's words when he said something similar to this "I will make you scream, but it won't be for fear but for the pleasure~"

“You know, Sparrow? Maybe we could play together after all. There’s some fun hiding underneath your layers of goodness.”
I had a feeling there was nothing fun hiding underneath his layers of darkness, but I didn’t say a thing.

What I loved about this, it wasn't just love, and sex and some killings, no author actually wrote in an amazing style. The vocabulary - FABULOUS! And there was so many lines that I just couldn't highlight. Since what they said were smart. While highlighting I felt bad though, it felt like I highlighted the whole book, but apparently and fortunately I did not! LOL

For instance...

Fear is a prison, and in prison you played by different rules to survive.

What kind of frustrated me that she wanted him, but she did not quiet fought him we all knew she could, but at the end she did...

He was a cheater.
A criminal.
A murderer.
And I was… fascinated.

It take a lot for him to say "So what if you don't love me, you HAVE to respect me, I WILL make you to respect me!"

This moment, of course I am not going to spoil anything, actually flattered me, but then... after a few pages I was like, so that's what it was.... It was funny, of course he did disappoint us, the readers, but it was funny, how they both twisted every single thing!

“You…” He pivoted, shoving an accusing finger to my chest with the hand that still held the whiskey glass. “You’re so good, too fucking good. And whenever I looked at you—from afar, of course, because my family didn’t mix with your nobody father—I thought to myself one day, my children will have a mother this noble. A mother whose goodness would rub off on them, because their dad is bad. Really. Fucking. Bad.”

And he was full of it. In some way both were, but he felt guiltier...

Guilt was a thief. It would steal your mind, mess with your priorities and would eventually steer you from your original plan.

While they pushed each other they also never let others to say something about the other. They completed, supported, maybe unconsciously, but they did, and protected each other. Made excuses for the other's mistakes in order to justify their actions.

“Good, because opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one, and they usually stink.”

And they fell in love, it did take awhile. He was not all good to her no, and he was not good, but he did not hide it. And during the time they discovered and understood each other...

While I watched her cook, I suddenly realized it was her art. The pan was her canvas, the ingredients her paint. She cooked with fire in her eyes, with passion in her soul, with love in her heart.

Both of them...

Human, after all.

Reading this book, you want get disappointed, I really recommend this to anyone who loves this sort of books. It was hot and sexy and dark and full of love and fights.

“I’m a good runner.”
“And I’m an excellent chaser,”
he whispered.

Author portrayed them amazingly. She gave her the backbone and gave him the "one steps ahead" chance. Seeing her overtime to get stronger but get flustered was actually amusing, as well as seeing him knowing everything behind her actions and playing alone and finding fun in it.

“Aw, I’m hurt. Are you saying I’m no fun?”
“I’m saying that if I can’t eat it, fuck it or kill it I have no interest in it,”
he answered dryly.

I am all for the female rights, but I like when you belong to someone, and when he knows that he owns you, but he doesn't cross the line of controlling you. Trust and respect, if there are these two components belonging and owning, being stronger than the woman can make everything amazing, or awful. The whole thing is male's responsibility, he has to know how not to cross the line.

I was a liar. I was reckless. I was an idiot. But I was his.

She fell sooner, and she fell harder, and yes he was the owner and the stronger...

“Is it possible to feel your heart breaking, even when you’re falling in love?”
I brushed my long hair. Yes. It was. Here I was, falling in love, and getting my heart broken at the very same time.

... but the reins were in her hands, without even realising it.

My knees buckled, and my stomach lurched, but it wasn’t from fear. I was elated. He had confided in me. He was cracking. My monster, my capturer, my corrupter. My lover.

She owned him as much, as he did her, if not more...

He was a monster, but he was my monster.

Although her inexperience made the elusion for them to think that he was the leader...

“She said the rumour is you like it kinky.”

“I like it interesting…”

“I like it delicious…”

“I like it rough…”

“But most of all, I like it with you…”

...and sometimes he was, but she was a kind of a character, that she would not do anything if she did not want to.

He gave me lies, and I ate them from the palm of his hand.
He gave me lies, and for him, I closed my eyes.

But without realising, she compelled him to fell fall her...

Because I was so busy telling Sparrow how much she wanted me, I forgot a small little detail—I wanted her back. More.

...and her sugary crap LOL

She was my beauty, and I was her beast. But this was not a Disney flick. In real life, the beast goes back to his solitary life, a freak who lurks in the shadows and watches as his girl runs away back to the arms of her family.
She was my only shot at a semblance of normalcy and happiness, and I had to let her go.

I liked her friend Lucy, but not the other one, Daisy(?). She was so kind, supportive and protective.

“Real love doesn’t disappear. It can turn into hate, and hate can turn into love, but those feelings won’t ever turn into indifference.”

The ending was good. I liked that author did not make her stay after what she found out. Even though he did not kill her mother I did not understand what the big deal was about. But seeing her fight for her beliefs was admiring.

The last thing I wanted was to hurt you, Red. The first thing I needed was to keep you.

And i am glad that he stayed true to his words and let her go...

“We don’t just love. We heal each other with every touch and complete each other with ever kiss. And fuck, I know it’s corny as hell, but that’s what I need. You’re what I need.”

After all they needed to find what they needed and wanted, to not think "what if" in the future.

My capturer.
My monster.
My saviour.

Real love never dies...

“I’m an asshole, was an asshole, and have every intention of staying an asshole. It’s the makeup of my fucking DNA. But I want to be your asshole.

The feelings never disappear...

“At first, you were business…” I smirk, my fingers spreading wide on her stomach. “And then, at some point, you became my pleasure.”
“And what am I now?”
She covers my hand in hers over her stomach, squeezing it hard.
“Now, my lovebird, you’re my home.”

If you meant to be with someone - you WILL!
Well, that's what I think.

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