Sunday, December 11, 2016

Deathless & Divided (The Chicago War #1)…✎…Bethany-Kris

Deathless & Divided by Bethany-Kris

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩ ✩

“The man who orders the gun is just as bloody as the one who pulls the trigger.”

I really liked this book, even though, to be honest, I was looking forward to see Lily and Damian as a married couple, and their relationship evolvement from that aspect and not just as engaged...
Except that part, everything else was fine.

“Because that’s what you do with the things you raise and love, Lily. You set them free and you pray they’re strong enough that they don’t need to come back to you, but you still hope that they do.”

Even though Damian, was the villain in this book, even now I still support him, because I understand his motives and where he is coming from. Even Lily, couldn't forget that things. Yup, it was kind of shitty that he tricked even Damian and Lily, but I even get that part. I am kind of in awe, how he managed to tear them apart and turn this families against each other...

Anyway, I loved it, looking forward to real Theo's and Tommas's stories, since they both are my favorites, or two of them...

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