Sunday, December 11, 2016

Scarless & Sacred (The Chicago War #3)…✎…Bethany-Kris

Scarless & Sacred by Bethany-Kris

My rating: ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✩

He was the guy who used her to get what he wanted. She was the girl who let him do it to get what she wanted.

I was waiting to read about this couple. In the first book when Theo said that he had his eyes on someone, and then the date was cancelled, and after some hints from Eve, I knew that the date was her. And I am glad that in this book we got to see how that episode actually happened.

“You don’t even notice the taste anymore because you learn to like the bite it leaves behind and how it wakes you up.”

Never a conversation about coffee left me so breathless for the characters, there was a huge sexual frustration between these two, that I have never ever seen between any other characters, in any other books. I just loved Eve, since the first book, she was the link between the girls. and Theo, I really was mad at him and Lily, and still am, but I liked him, however I certainly didn't know how dark he actually was. Behind his easy going character, which was missing in this book unfortunately but understandably, was hidden an angry man who was ready to avenge his brother.

“Go on and come at me on the streets like any good made man would do to defend his territory, Joel. Put that mouth of yours to action and actually do something instead of talking about it. Give me a reason to put you down. I dare you. Come at me.”

Being used, and used by none other than his brother's death really made him to push everything and everything aside and start to do the right thing. In some way I think it was also his way to say sorry to Dino, for hearing but not listening to him, however I don't believe in apologies when the person is dead, so yeah, it was late, but I was glad that he was doing whatever he thought was right, for Dino.
Even giving up Eve.

I started to like and respect Tommas more, for the choices that he had to make and that he made. However, fighting for all other's benefit, he lost the one thing that was meant everything to him, that he was actually fighting for. I loved that twist in this book.

I really loved their story, especially since there was lots of reminiscing of Dino.

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